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KOLIN Non-Inverter Split Type Aircon 2.5HP (KSM-SW25-5G1M)

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• Strong Air Flow with high-tech fan technology that produces high quality cooling anywhere
• Quiet operation not only Kolin’s AC unit produces satisfying efficient cooling but it also grants peaceful and cozier feeling like no other!
• Dehumidifying Function reduces and maintains the level of humidity in the air to prevent the growth of any mildew and eliminate musty odors, molds, and dust mites for safer and clean environment.
• Digital LED Display feature displays any status of the AC through eye-catching and safe-to-eye LED light display.
• 24 Hours On/Off Timer feature, you can set the schedule of your air conditioner to turn on/off automatically at any desired time.
• Precise Setting feature enables to cool the area more precisely and efficiently that matches to the room temperature set by the user.

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Dimensions80 × 112 × 76.5 cm


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