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CARRIER Optima 2 Non-Inverter Split Type Aircon 1.5HP (FP-53CGF012308)

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• Carrier Optima High Wall split-type aircon provides powerful and energy-efficient cooling, and has the highest EER among non-inverter brands.
• Helps you save on your electric bill. Carrier Optima utilizes powerful motors with the ability to cool any space in a short amount of time, and yet save a good deal on electricity. With the highest Energy Efficiency Ratio among non-inverter brands, you get relaxed cooling with no worries on your electric bill!
• Cleans the air you breathe
• The Carrier Optima’s remote control comes with a built-in temperature control sensor integrated with the unit itself.

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Weight37.3 kg
Dimensions46.4 × 80.5 × 55 cm


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